Part of the Equipment List (PCB Manufacturing and Assembly )

Description Model
Photo Plotter Finetrak
Silver Film Processor Carnfeldt EG751 PCB
Film Punch Multiline Semi Automatic Artwork Punch
Diazo Exposure System Ovac OV29
Laser Direct Imaging system Orbotech DP-100SL
Develop, Etch and Strip Line Dalux DES
IS chemical Clean Line IS
Hot Roll Laminator Western Magnum XRL-24
Cut Sheet Laminator Hakuto Mach 600
Pre Heater Hakuto Triple Roll System
Panel Cleaner for CSL Teknek LCM
High Resolution Printers Olec AP 30
Oxide Scrubber Ishii Hyoki
IS Pumice System w/Ultra sonics IS
Radiometer Olec UVM-01
Overarm Micrometer CECO TA600B
Oven Precision Quincy 40D-350CV
Vacuum Lamination Press OEM Thermal Fluid – 625F (8 openings)
Lamination Lay Up Station OEM
Lamination Breakdown Station OEM
Depinner OEM
Hydraulic Lift T&S Equipment HYD-10-DC
Standard Drill Press -5 speed ST-5
Lamination Table Multiline
Automatic Optical Inspection
Orbotech UltraV Discovery #1 #2 #3
Orbotech AOR/Prefix
Camtek 868 & 868FL #1 #2
Microweld Head Micro Join VTA-96
Microscope Olympus SZ40
Registration Drill System(OPL) Pluritec Inspecta
ESI 5330 ESI Laser Drill
X-Ray Glenbrook RTX-113
Scaling System Custom “Real Time” System
Drill Machine Hitachi H-Mark-10V
Hitachi H-Mark – 30V
Hitachi ND5L21OE #1 #2
Rout Machine Hitachi H-Mark-30V
Drill Machine Hitachi ND5L21OE
Drill Machine Uniline 2000
Rout / Drill Machine Uniline 2000 #1 and #2
Spot Facer JJA Dual Head Spot Facer
Hand Press Driller Central Machinery 34″ floor drill press
Shearing Machine Roper Whitney Pexto 42″
Pin Stacker Barnaby
Diamond Cutter (beveller) Barnaby 202B
Digital V-Score Checker Accusystems Corp 3112-VSC
Vertical Scoring Machine Accusystems Corp
Light Table Nuarc BB23A
Electroless Copper Line Electrochemical Chemistry
Strip Etch Strip Line Chemcut SES
Copper Plating Lines Pulse and DC rectification
Tin Tank
Tin Nickel Tank RK Fabrication
Nickel / Gold Lines Hard & Wire Bondable
Automatic ENIG Line Phastek
Automated Nickel / Gold Tip Line Technic Mini FFP Tab autoplater 74580-8
Organic Surface Protectant line Electrochemical OSP
Oxide Line CobraBond Line
White Tin Line Omikron Chemistry
Plating Thickness Meter CMI 500 Type MFX-BME
Penta HAL Machine Penta
Deburrer Marseco DBS 24
Superscrub ETI West Superscrub – 20
Digital Scale Acculab VI – 1mg
Ohaus Trooper
Viscosity Meter ThermohaakeViscotester VT02
Light box with Table Roconex
Microscope Bausch & Lomb Stereozoom 4
Hand Slotting Press Pexto 218
Microscope GreatScopes Observer IV
Manual Portable Dryer Comac DJC-224
Resistivity Meter Thornton 200CR 6222-1
Viafill & Planarization
Non conductive Viafill ITC THP30
Auto Planarization Wise Flatstar
Manual Planarization Mass SV100
Batch Oven Grieve batch oven
High Resolution Printer Olec 8000 Super Eight
Oven Grieve SB-350
Tunnel Oven Circuit Automation TC120
LPI Coater Circuit Automation DP2500
Circuit Automation DP1500
I R Cure UV Oven Tru Cure
LPI Developer VCM III Integrated Process Systems
Printar Legend Printer Printar
Flying Probe Tester Everett Charles (ATG) A2 #A B C D E
Everett Charles Eliminator
Microscope(Dynascope) Vision Engineering TS4
Wet Lab
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Perkin Elmer AA Analyst
Organic Brightener Checker ECI CVS Quali Plate 4000
Hull Cell Tester Rectifier
Perkin Elmer UV Analysis Perkin Elmer 100
Microwave Oven Haier
Solder Pot Plato SP600T
Au/Ni Metalization Thickness meter Fisher Scope XDL- XYZ p
Manual Polish / Grinder Mark V Lab 2B Series
Digital Scale Sartorius BP 121S
Mini Hot Plate Stirrer VWR Model 220
pH Meter Cole Parmer 59003-00
Dry Lab
Crossection Saw Mark V Lab PCS 400
Grinder Buehler Ecomet 4
Microscope Olympus BH2-UMA
Ultrasonic Cleaner Cole Parmer
Impedance Measurement Polar CITs500s4
Optical Inspection AEI Marc ++
Light Box Roconex
Optek Video Measurement Optek 713VA
Ionic Contamination Omega meter Alphameter 600SMD
Soldering Station #1 Metcal SP-200 SP-PW1-10
Soldering Station #2 Metcal SP-200 SP-PW1-10
Gold Wire Bonder SPEC Thermo Sonic
Aluminum Wedge Bonder MEI
Wire Bond Tester Unitek
Vacuum packaging PAC PVG18
Vacuum packaging Audionvac VMS103

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