PCB Design Services


Asia Pacific Circuits has the knowledge and tools to make the design of your PCB no matter how large or small. We provide a full range of PCB design services spanning the entire product life cycle. Asia Pacific Circuits use the industries top tier circuit board design tools and are driven to be the best. 

Asia Pacific Circuits Also Provide Printed Circuit Board Design Services

Are you unsure of how to design the perfect prototype for your business? Or do you not know where to start from? Whatever your worry is, Asia Pacific Circuits is here to provide a complete range of prototype development services, from the concept to the manufacturing. Yes, we provide printed circuit board design services too. Provide us your concept and let us modify, design and manufacture it to suit your requirements.

PCB Design Capability

  • High speed, multilayer digital PCB designs(Bus routing, differential pairs, matched lengths).
  • HDI PCB Designs with micro vias and advanced materials – Via-in-Pad, laser micro vias.
  • Extensive RF and analog printed circuit board design experience (printed antennas, guard rings , RF shields…).
  • PCB Layer management for signal integrity and impedance control.
  • Signal integrity issues to meet your digital circuit board design needs (tuned traces, diff pairs…).
  • High density SMT designs (BGA, uBGA, PCI, PCIE, CPCI…).
  • DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and differential pair routing expertise.
  • Flex PCB designs.
  • Low level analog PCB designs for metering.
  • Ultra low EMI designs for MRI applications.
  • Complete assembly drawings.
  • Drill, panel and cutout drawings designed.
  • Professional fabrication documents created.

CAD Platforms

  • Altium Designer
  • Cadence Allegro
  • PADS
  • Orcad

We understand that keeping the cost low is an important part of planning your PCB fabrication.

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Information needed to do PCB Layout Design:

  • Short description of the project
  • Schematic. Design Capture/View, DxDesigner or OrCAD Capture format is preferable. If it is a re-engineering project of an older existing design, do provide older schematics and other information
  • Bill of materials (part number, manufacture) in text or xls format
  • Data/Specification sheet for components or web URLs for them
  • PCB type (PCI, 3U or other) or board outline with size. Desired number of layers, material type, board thickness, keep out areas, position of mounting holes and list of components which are fixed. DXF format is preferable
  • Special custom design rules and requirements that need to be followed in the design. This will include all the design and routing requirements, testability, critical signals, minimum spacing, impedance matching requirements, differential pairs and others

Upon completion of a project the following are the standard items provided to the client:

  • Gerber 274X artwork files for all layers required to fabricate and assemble the PC Board
  • Drill drawing with title block and all fabrication instructions including materials
  • NC drill file
  • Assembly drawing with title block in Gerber format
  • Paste stencil file in Gerber format
  • Pick and place file
  • Netlist for final assembly test
  • Finished schematic
  • BOM list
  • Cadence Allegro or Altium Designer or PADs or OrCAD format finished design, AutoCad DXF formatted assembly drawings