What is Potentiometer ? Potentiometers are also called variable resistors or pot. They have three terminals, one terminal in the middle know as wiper, and the other two known as ends. The wiper is a movable contact where the resistance relative to it and one of the two terminals is measured. They are useful for
Sometimes when you release an bulk order to the contract manufacturer, you may worry about the quality of PCBA. If I can receive good quality PCBA after balance payment ? Some tips below to control the quality of PCBA before balance payment & shipment. 1) You can request the vendor provide some videos to check
Some people may worry about that the PCB design maybe copied by manufacturers, since if you are contract turnkey manufacturing your PCB in China, you will have to offer them with all the assembly documentation as well as the BOM and Gerber art for the PCB and any programming for Firmware. Some advice for you

Guidance of programming

Two solutions for programming as below are available. (*Note: APC means our company name Asia Pacific Circuits Co., Ltd) Solution A — programming after PCB Assembly Step 1. Components purchasing by APC Step 2. PCB Assembly by APC Step 3. Our client share programming files (hex or bin) & instruction and also provide the programmer