PCB Industry and China

A printed circuit board, also known as PCB, is a plastic board especially manufactured to connect electronic components found in devices such as beepers and pagers. But in fact, PCB is used in almost all computers and electronics. The board is made up of a non-conductive material like fiberglass or plastic, while conductive tracks, pads
The 20th century has seen progressive strategic growth when it comes to outsourcing EMS. The EMS provider thus, plays a key role in the manufacturing and assembly of your company’s technical units. So, in order to help you make sound strategic outsourcing decisions; we have compiled a list of some things you should consider.

What Exactly are PCBs Used for?

Printed Circuit Boards (also more commonly known as PCBs) are actually very thin boards composed of an insulating material. They have a metal coated surface, which can be present on either one or both sides of the board. The electrical pathways (that allow electricity to travel amongst various components) are etched on top of the

Types of Printed Circuit Boards

Take any electronic device – it doesn’t matter if it’s a computer, mobile phone or even a complicated toy – open it up, and inside you are bound to come across a PCB (printed circuit board). At the first glance, all of them might look the same, but they hardly ever are. It might surprise