What Exactly are PCBs Used for?

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Printed Circuit Boards (also more commonly known as PCBs) are actually very thin boards composed of an insulating material. They have a metal coated surface, which can be present on either one or both sides of the board. The electrical pathways (that allow electricity to travel amongst various components) are etched on top of the PCBs. These are made with acid. The components on the surface are mounted on the board with solder.

· Advantages of Printed Circuit Boards

The invention of PCBs enabled the electronic circuits to be made smaller, compact, contained, convenient, complex, and cheaper. PCBs are drilled with holes which, in turn, allow various components such as capacitors and resistors to be soldered and inserted manually or through automation. Because of this, printed circuit boards produce low electrical noise, are easy to diagnose and repair, extremely compact & compatible in size, and provide much needed immunity to movement. All of this allows the PCBs to function at top capacity and keep the electronic components from short circuiting.

· Where Can You Find Printed Circuit Boards?

To quote Dr Seuss, “From there to here, from here to there, PCBs are everywhere.” Okay, so he really didn’t say that, but you get the point!

In today’s age, just about any electronic equipment you can think of has a PCB inside it, in one form or another. Common electronic equipment using PCBs include computers, televisions, stereos, synthesizers, microwave ovens, digital clocks, mobile phones, musical instrument amplifiers, stereos, and more.

Most people would find it easier if we were to use the example of a computer.

If you were to open up your system unit, you would notice a board mounted on the side. This board is most commonly referred to as the motherboard. It is actually a highly complex and high functioning printed circuit board, which is in reality the true heart of the computer. But that is not the only PCB inside the computer. Other components such as RAM (random access memory) card, power supplies, video cards, and modems are also a form of a PCB.

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