PCB Industry and China

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A printed circuit board, also known as PCB, is a plastic board especially manufactured to connect electronic components found in devices such as beepers and pagers. But in fact, PCB is used in almost all computers and electronics. The board is made up of a non-conductive material like fiberglass or plastic, while conductive tracks, pads and other features are etched from a metal sheet (e.g. copper) laminated in the non-conductive substrate.

PCB Industry in China

Ever since the discovery of the PCB technology, numerous industries are being inaugurated and developed on a regional to a global scale within the time period of three years. This is clear proof of the fact that the PCB niche in technology is quite promising, provided it is well planned and executed.

China is the largest country in Asia which reaps the benefits of low costs and a readily available market. The gradual shift from conventional technology to PCB in China is because of the affordable costs and downstream industry transformation.


Advancement of PCB Industry in China

As the world is shifting towards major technological changes, these developments have also affected the PCB Industry in China. A research carried out by the Chinese PCB Association reflects that there are now over 1500 PCB companies operating in the country. These statistics however, do not cover areas such as Chinese Hong Kong and Chinese Taiwan. The study also stated that majority of the industries are located along The Pearl River Delta, Circum-Bohai Sea Zone and Yangte River Delta region.

Regional Distribution of the PCB Industry in China

Southern, Eastern and some regions in the North are among the major PCB manufacturing hubs in China. Their percentage distribution is as following:

  • The southern region accounts for 55%,
  • Eastern accounts for 33% and
  • The northern region accounts for 12% of the total PCB output value ratio.

Problems Faced by the PCB Industry in China

Among the many problems faced by the PCB Industry, one which affects buyers the most is the large number of suppliers in the market. It is recommended that the customers choose a supplier who meets the specific needs and preferences adequately.

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