As we all know, solder paste is a combination of pre-alloyed spherical metal powder and flux medium. The design of solder paste formulations has specific characteristics of tack time, template life and rheology. Proper solder paste storage & handling preserves the original characteristics of the solder paste longer, resulting in less paste waste, better process
When you visit a PCBA Manufacturer in China you may ask the engineer or the engineer will tell you why the component would have needed to be baked before reflow soldering. In general, the reason for baking a component is to carefully remove all the moisture from the plastic part of the component. When a

Surface Mount Technology in PCB Assembly

Have you ever wondered how your electronic gadgets work? Well, their operation is largely dependent upon the kind of printed circuit boards used in their manufacturing, and the method of producing electronic circuits, upon which other components are then mounted. This method is known as Surface Mount Technology and it has effectively replaced the through-hole
With fast paced technological advancements of the 21st century, the demand for electronics today is higher than ever. The supply now needs to meet the demand without failing to deliver quality. This is why older ways of outsourcing different production materials from various sources is no longer valid in today’s times, as sub contractors are