PCB Prototype

pcb prototype

We fully understand that the speed of PCB Prototype services is a key element in the product life cycle. We have a Quick Turn PCB specialist team and special process methods for engineering, production, and logistic for PCB Prototype. Customer’s time-to-market requirements have driven us to build our service efficiently to meet the client’s expectations on fast PCB Prototype.





Fast PCB Prototype


2-Layer: 1 days
4-Layer: 2 days
6-Layer: 2 days
8-Layer: 2 days

Item Strandard
Layer Count 2-16 Layers Ad (Up To 60 layers)
Material Supplier FR4: KB, SHENGYI, NANYA, GUO, Rogers, High Frequency,
Halogen-free, Mix-Material, Metal Core
Max Board Size 520*600MM
Board Thickness 0.4 mm–8 mm
Min Line Width 2mil
Min Spacing Width 3.5mil
Aspect Ratio 8:1
Mini Hole Size 0.25mm(Mechanical)/0.1mm(Laser)
Solder Mask Color Red, Black, White, Yellow, Bule, Green
Impedance Control Tolerance 5-10%
Surface Treatment Immersion Ag
Immersion Gold
Lead Free Hasl
Immersion Tin
Flash Gold
Hard Gold(10-30u”)
Quickest Lead time 24 Hours (Domestic customers)  / Reference:  120 Hours To North America

Our Engineers will review your files and email you an accurate quote in 2 hours.

Regular WIP updates to keep customers informed about manufacturing processes and on time delivery.